Towbars come in all sorts of various shapes and sizes. We have compiled a short list of the most popular of the various towbar types on the market.

Detachable towbar

Are you looking for a Towbar Type for your car that in majority of cases can become completely invisible after use? Then the Brink vertical detachable towbar is the perfect solution. You can take out the ball and store it in the boot, and fold away the socket behind the bumper.

Fixed towbar (Swan Neck)

Do you frequently use a towbar? Then the fixed towbar is the right fit for you. It is permanently available, maintenance free and will last the lifetime of your car. De fixed towbar is suitable for every type of bike carrier, and it can easily take any challenge, be it towing a trailer, caravan, horsebox or boat trailer.

A fixed towbar is always available

The fixed towbar is almost certainly available for your car, as we have developed a fixed towbar for almost any make and model of environmentally friendly cars. The only time the fixed towbar is unattainable, is if it happens to block your license plate or mist lights when installed, as these are legally required to be visible. A fixed towbar has the most reasonable price of all towbars and in by far the most cases is suitable for cars that have the Park Distance Control system (PDC).


  • Maintenance free
  • Permanently available
  • Cost effective
  • Last the lifetime of your car

Retractable towbar

Do you regularly use your towbar, value the design of your car and want the best ease of use? The retractable towbar offers this combination. If the towbar is put away, there is nothing to indicate the presence of it under your car and you only need one simple hand movement before it is ready to use again.


Your boot lid is easy to reach and your boot easy to load with a retractable towbar, as there’s no towbar in the way during loading and unloading. Another advantage is that the retractable towbar is maintenance-free. The ball is always connected to the sleeve, ensuring not dirt is left behind. Due to this, the retractable towbar combines all features of both the fixed and detachable towbars.

Brink has an extensive selection of retractable towbars. However, the system is not available for all cars. Not every vehicle has enough room behind the bumper to fold in the retractable towbar.

Ease of use

Flange ball towbar

Do you have a delivery van, pickup or chassis cab? Then the Brink flanged ball is exceptionally suited to you. This fixed towbar is made for heavy-duty work and is therefore often used in professional trade. It can easily pull trailers with a weight of over three tonnes. There are three types of flanged balls: a two-hole, four-hole and lowered four-hole version.


The two-hole flanged ball can be adjusted in height if the flanged plate it is mounted to consists of four, instead of two coupling points. The two-hole flanged ball can be mounted to both the top and bottom coupling points of the flanged plate. It can be useful to adjust it in height, especially if you have a delivery van. The two-hole flanged ball can be set up in such a way that the back doors can always swing open above the drawbar of the trailer. With a flanged plate consisting of four coupling points, you can also use other coupling systems, such as the drawbar coupling, claw coupling and the ball-pen combination. The coupling systems mentioned exactly fit this flanged plate.

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